hey, i'm anna lynne!

I started Root Apothecary with three goals.

1. Create a shopping space free of confusing greenwashed products

2. Offer low cost, low PUFA, high quality, clean products to those who otherwise couldn't afford them

3. Support other small businesses in the wellness niche

It is our goal to make nourishment affordable for all.

We have curated our product selection to provide a one stop shop for all your nourishment needs and we've done the "background checks" for you so that you don't have to worry about sneaky greenwashing.

Happy Shopping!

- Anna Lynne

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  • Perfect for Pregnancy & Eczema

    I have been using it (bare whip) for my belly every night. It has gotten rid of the itchineness and it leaves me feeling moisturized! I also used it to clear up some eczema on my elbow that has been there for months! - Nicole B

  • Best Tallow Ever!

    Truly the best tallow I have used to date! I'll be looking forward to grabbing another jar! - Brooke T.

  • Vanilla Whip

    I literally want to eat it out of the jar. It smells like vanilla birthday cake icing. I use it every night after my shower! - Meghan M.

  • Rest & Restore

    The Rest and Restore tallow whip is amazing. It smells divine AND I used it on a sore/rough spot on my arm last night and it has already helped it heal faster! - Whitney G.

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  • Honey Tallow Lip Balm

    "Hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever used. It immediately makes my lips feel soft and plump. I put it on before bed and wake up with baby soft lips."

    - Whitney G.

  • Acne

    "I have extremely sensitive fair skin and I have struggled with acne for over a decade. Almost all products I try cause me to break out. The repair serum actually seems to be helping calm my breakouts"

    - Maria A.

  • Perfume

    "The Jasmine Vanilla perfume smells heavenly. It is not too overpowering like conventional perfumes, and it puts me in a great mood!"

    - Rebekah P.

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