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Vitamin C Solid Serum, Restore Retinol Alternative, Body Butter, After Sun Body Oil. Dropping 6PM EST

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with our effective skincare essentials.

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Indulge in a newfound appreciation for skincare with our handcrafted, luxurious products.

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Our formulations embrace the age-old wisdom of our ancestors who commonly used God-given botanicals and animal fats to care for their skin. We create products that promote a nourished, healthy glow without disrupting hormones or harming your health.

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I exclusively use root’s tallow products. It has healed my acne, my dry skin, my dry knees from crawling around on the floor with a baby for a year, diaper rash, bug bites, scarring and I even feel like it made my eyebrows and eyelashes better. I’ve even used it as a hair mask on my ends, it worked great!! I use it head to toe!!

Verified Customer

Forever a customer. Your tallow is the only thing that has helped my husbands dry and cracked hands. It also cleared up an eczema spot he had on his foot. Nothing had worked until your tallow. It also has helped with my acne drastically. Can’t thank you enough!!

Verified Customer

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Nourish your skin in harmony with nature.

Our handcrafted formulations will redefine your routine and deliver recognizable results. We invite you into our world, where less is more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products so inexpensive?

We believe clean skincare products should be affordable, not kept out of reach because of their superior ingredients and effectiveness. That’s why our founder works hard to utilize her engineering and business resources to keep prices affordable for all. Read more here.

Are your products Pregnancy/Breastfeeding safe?

Here at Root Apothecary, we are advocates for doing your own research because there is no greater power than having the ability to discern these things for yourself. All of our ingredients are natural, and the essential oils we use are used in a 1-2% dilution. Always talk to your practitioner before starting to use a new product if you have concerns.

Is your tallow grass fed?

Yes! All tallow used in Root Apothecary Products is from United States Grass Fed Cows. Only the best for your skin!

Why is everything out of stock?

Thank you for your interest in our products! We are striving to meet increasing demand without raising prices. We recommend following along with our Instagram and subscribing to our email list to keep up with restocks. Your patience and support are appreciated while we navigate this season of rapid growth.

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Proudly natural

Choose from a wide range of toxin-free, clean products, all catered to the well-deserving needs of your skin.

The Superfood for Your Skin

Why Tallow for Skincare

Grass-fed tallow is full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to thrive. Bioavailable means the nutrients are very easy for your skin to put to use. This is why so many of our customers have seen drastically positive improvements in their inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), acne, wrinkles, and more. Grass-fed tallow can change your skin for the better, and it's safe and economical when sourced sustainably.

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