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How we keep our prices low without sacrificing quality

How we keep our prices low without sacrificing quality

At Root Apothecary, we aim to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price. We strive to maximize value while minimizing costs at every step of our production process. Many people have assumed that because we keep our prices relatively low, the quality of our products must suffer; however, this is not accurate. In fact, many customers have made the switch to Root Apothecary after using more expensive brands because they noticed better results, texture, consistency, and quality with our products1. Our continuous effort to reduce operating costs and retain high standards is achieved through several practices, including:


Efficient Production Processes: Root Apothecary is owned by, Anna Person, a Mechanical Engineer who specializes in Lean Manufacturing. She has streamlined Root's production process to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

In-house Tooling and Equipment: Anna and her engineering team often manufacture tooling and equipment in-house rather than purchasing them at market value. This provides a considerable financial advantage, offering cost savings for the production process..

Low Overhead: Root Apothecary is blessed to operate out of a facility that is free of rental costs and overhead. Additionally, all operations are conducted without relying on any paid personnel. This allows us to provide quality products with limited financial expenses.

Local Small Business Relationships: Root Apothecary uses local small businesses to source recyclable packaging materials, eliminating costly freight fees. They also encourage customers to recycle their packaging to further reduce environmental impact.

Bulk Ordering: Root has access to loading docks and forklifts, allowing bulk orders of jars, containers, boxes etc. without inferring excess liftgate delivery fees. By taking advantage of bulk purchasing, we're able to secure cost savings of up to 60%, as well as offset additional production costs.

Overall, Root Apothecary is committed to providing high-quality, effective products at an affordable price. By using efficient production processes, in-house tooling and equipment, and other smart business practices, products remain accessible without sacrificing quality.

1. Read more about our customers who have switched brands, here.