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My Tallow Arrived Melted! What do I do?

My Tallow Arrived Melted! What do I do?

Tallow melts effortlessly on contact with our skin because of its low melting temperature. This is great for skincare, but not so great for shipping/fulfillment. Unfortunately, tallow's low melting temperature can cause it to melt in transit during the warmer months of the year. But don't worry, your tallow is still perfectly useable, and you can even get it back to the right texture by following the steps outlined in this blog post!


Tallow Whips

If your tallow whip arrives and it looks half-full, that's because it melted in transit. The jar was full to the top when it left our facility, but hot weather can change the volume. The whipped texture that makes it oh-so-spreadable is made by whipping air into the tallow. When the tallow melts, the air goes away and you're left with the same weight, but less volume. You can use it as-is, or you can re-whip it!

In order to get that fluffy volume back, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a double boiler on your stove. (If you don't know what this is, you can look up "how to create a double boiler" on youtube).

  2. Scrape the contents of your jar into the bowl and melt on low heat until the tallow whip is liquid.

  3. Pull the bowl from the double boiler, and transfer the bowl into an ice bath until the tallow is solid, or, let cool in the fridge.

  4. Use a hand mixer and beat the tallow until it looks like cool-whip.


Tallow Balms

If your tallow balm arrives melted, place it in the fridge until solid.


Extra tips on shipping in warm weather:

Once you receive a shipping confirmation, keep an eye on your tracking number. Plan to be home when your package is delivered if you can. The sooner you take it off your front porch, the better!

Always make sure to purchase Route shipping protection at checkout. Root Apothecary is not responsible for replacing or refunding melted tallow, as it is still usable! If your order arrives broken or gets lost, you will have to file a claim with USPS or UPS which can take months to resolve. However, if you purchase Route shipping protection, we are able to file a claim for you and resolve the issue in as little as 24 hours. Route covers package loss, theft, or damage. Don't gamble, get protection on your orders!


You can read more on our shipping policy here.


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