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Among the Flowers

Earthen Makeup Set

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A set of five, half ounce earth pigment makeup sticks. A perfect way to blend together the beautiful colors nature provides to create your own palette.


3 Lip + Cheek tints

1 Prism Highlight stick

1 Twilight Lowlight stick.


rice bran oil, beeswax, iron oxide, sea buckthorn, kaolinite (rose clay), brazilian yellow clay, australian beige clay, green clay, coco powder, gold and silver mica, essential oils of frankincense, lemon, himalayan cedarwood, and orange

packaging All five makeup pigments come in a handmade wooden box, with a dried flower bouquet.

note fat breakdown for rice bran oil is 47% monounsaturated, 33% polyunsaturated, 20% saturated