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The Wilderness Maven Herbal Apothecary

Rose Hydrosol

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Hydrosols, or floral waters, are the aromatic product of the steam distillation process. When a fresh plant is steam distilled, hydrosol and essential oil are the two final products, separated after distillation.

Hydrosols are pure botanical waters with distinct characteristics and benefits, and can be applied directly to the skin unlike their essential oil counterparts. This rose hydrosol is distilled from the flowering heads of organically grown Rosa damascena. It has a fresh and soft rosy aroma and is moisturizing and revitalizing, cooling, and supports radiant skin.

Rose hydrosol is a good balm for sunburns, contact burns, dry skin, and general skin irritation. Hydrosols are a skin-loving, benefit-packed addition to mix into powdered clay botanical masks before application.

2 fl oz glass spray bottle.