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Simmer and Co Natural Aroma

Be Merry and Bright Simmer Melt

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Cozy up by the fireplace and create lasting memories with this warm and inviting, limited edition aroma, encapsulating all of your favorite holiday moments with a subtle yet spicy appeal.

Made from ethically sourced Alberta beeswax, organic coconut wax, pure essential oils and botanical sprinkles.  

melt time 12 melts, 30 hours of aroma

key notes Sweet Orange, Balsam Peru, Cinnamon, Spruce Hemlock, Clove

directions Using a wax-melter, melt 3-4 cubes at a time for 6-10 hours of aroma.
You can customize the scent strength by starting with 1-2 cubes and adding from there.
Each tin has pure botanicals sprinkled in- you can add those with the wax cubes and melt along with them.