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Natural Detergent Refill

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A detergent with a clean composition. A 100% natural family recipe, composed of only 3 ingredients. An excellent alternative to conventional detergents that are harmful to the environment and to our health!

refills This detergent is easily replenished. This is just the detergent refill pack, the full detergent set including the bottle is sold through Root Apothecary under the home tab.

ingredients: Marseille soap, (without palm oil), Sodium bicarbonate, and Soda crystals. This natural recipe is effective on all textiles, even fragile ones, from 68°F. Without perfume, fragrance, or allergen, it is respectful of sensitive skin.

how to: To make the detergent, simply add one packet of detergent to the bottle. Then add 1 liter of simmering water to the detergent mix, close the bottle and shake for 30 seconds. After complete cooling and obtaining a pearly white color, the natural detergent is ready to use for about 15 washes! Essential oils can be added for scent if desired.

NOTE: Marseille soap is made from vegetable oils, therefor containing PUFAs. This product is for cleaning and the PUFAs should be washed away during the laundry process.

Handcrafted in Occitanie, France.
Please note that the writing on the packaging is in French.

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Natural Detergent Refill

$3.00 Regular price $4.75